Privacy and cookie statement ATN Engineering BV

Date 18-7-2018

ATN Engineering BV




This is the privacy statement of ATN Engineering BV (abbreviated ATN). It is important to ATN that your personal details are properly protected. Your personal details are processed via our website. Whenever you visit or log in to our website, or complete one of our contact or quotation forms, we store your details. As we attach great value to your privacy, your personal details are processed and protected very carefully. ATN ensures that all processing conforms to applicable law and regulations.

This privacy statement was last modified on 18 July 2018 . In the event of changes, you will be notified electronically by email or otherwise.


When does this privacy statement apply?

This privacy statement is applicable to all personal details that ATN collects and processes for data subjects in the context of the services and products offered on our website and/or visits to our website. 

By using our website and/or our services and products, you are giving your consent for your personal details to be processed in accordance with this privacy statement.

If you are under 16 years old, you are only allowed to enter details into our website provided you have the permission of a parent or guardian who has read this privacy statement. We kindly request you not to enter any personal details into our website without permission.

Our website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content of these websites or for their privacy protection. We would always advise you to read the privacy statement of the website concerned.


Who is responsible for your data?

ATN, established at Touwslager 1, 9502KD in Stadskanaal and registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 52453162, is the controller for the processing of personal data as described in this privacy statement.


Which data do we process and for which purposes?

The data that we collect includes personal information, address details, email address, telephone number and data related to your visit to our website (including cookies) and data that you enter in the contact form. The data in the contact form is used to respond to the message. 


Purposes of collection and associated data 

  • Administration, invoicing and accounting
    • o Company information
    • o Name and address details;
    • o Email address
    • o Bank and payment details


  • Personnel administration and recruitment of new staff
    • o Company information
    • o Name and address details;
    • o Email address
    • o Bank and payment details
    • o Absence recording
    • o Copy of proof of identity
    • o Financial data
    • o Reports of conversations
    • o Job appraisal interviews
    • o Marital status
    • o Gender


  • Quotation request
    • o Company information for customer
    • o Name and address details;
    • o Email address
    • o Telephone number


  • Shipment of packages
    • o Name
    • o Company information
    • o Email address
    • o Telephone number


  • Newsletter: keeping interested parties informed about progress, new developments and information
    • o Name
    • o Email address


  • Autotrack
    • o Registration number [in the name of the transaction, not the driver]
    • o Location details


  • For the correct technical operation, improvement, correct linking of data and maintenance of the App, website and/or the system
    • o Data within the technical environment of the system
    • o Website data


  • For carrying out scientific research
    • o Anonymised data


Websites, apps and system


  • Browsing and click behaviour
  • Cookies (see below)(functional cookies, analytical cookies, tracking cookies)
  • General visit information, such as the most visited pages.
  • Contact form details (name, email address, mobile telephone number and message content)


Purposes of collection

Within the App, website and/or the system of ATN, usage statistics are analysed. The purpose of this is to optimise both design and security for visitors and/or users. Based on this information, ATN can tailor the services as much as possible to the needs of visitors and/or users. The browsing and click behaviour of visitors and/or users is not individually monitored. The details in the contact form are used for identification purposes and for contacting the person who completed the form.

In order to provide a good service, ATN necessarily requires the above information from you. For ATN to be able to conclude an agreement with you, it is a legal/contractual/necessary condition that you provide your personal details to ATN. If you do not provide this information, then unfortunately it will not be possible to enter into an agreement with ATN. If we process your data on the basis of your consent, you are able to withdraw this consent at any time.

We collect this data for identification and so that we can carry out the agreement, by keeping you informed about your order, for example, and making sure it is delivered to the correct address.

In addition, we use the contact details to inform users of developments and to provide information about our products and services, for example by sending out newsletters.

When you visit the website, we use cookies (see below) to collect statistics and data about your visit. We can also use cookies (see below) to enable selected third parties to show you customised offers on the website and to trace your behaviour.  


Do we use cookies?

We use different types of permanent and session cookies. A cookie is a tiny text file that is downloaded to your computer, smartphone or other device when you visit our website. Session cookies are removed when the browser is closed and they relate to a single visit. Depending on their type, permanent cookies can be stored for several years and they enable us to recognise you on return visits to our website.


Functional or necessary cookies

Necessary cookies and functional cookies are used to simplify logging in to our website and for remembering your settings and preferences on return visits, for example your selected preferences for the website and products in your shopping basket or wants lists.


Social media cookies

By allowing social media cookies/plug-ins to be placed, we enable you to use the functionalities of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google/YouTube, etc., when you are logged in to these social media. These third parties place cookies on our website via their own pieces of code and acquire your IP address by this means. We have no influence over the further use of these by the third parties. For more information, read the privacy policy of these third parties.


Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to study website visits. These keep us up to date with how you visit our website (device-specific data, operating system, network data and anonymised IP address), how often and for how long you visit specific pages, and what your click and browsing behaviour is. We use third-party cookies for this. Thus, we place cookies from [Google Analytics, Hotjar, New Relic, etc.]. This data is not linked to your name, address or email address, and is only used to gain insight into your visit to our website and for changing the design of our website. We have no influence over the further use of these by the third parties. For more information, read the privacy policy of these third parties. The privacy policies of these third parties can be found at: &


Advertising cookies

We ourselves place these within the websites and in our own network advertising cookies, plus we give third parties the ability to place advertising cookies within their network on our website. These cookies enable customised advertisements to be displayed to your personal profile within our website and the websites where our cookies have been placed. In this way, we can keep track of which advertisements you have seen, when you clicked on them and whether you placed an order as a result, irrespective of which platform you use. For this purpose, we use the services of third parties such as Google (AdWords), Facebook (Custom Audience, Pixel), Twitter, etc. These third parties can then combine the data with data from your visits to other websites in their network to map your browsing behaviour and further personalise advertisements. We have no influence over the further use of these by the third parties. For more information, read the privacy policy of these third parties.


Removing and blocking cookies

Session cookies are removed automatically after each visit. Permanent cookies can be removed by you whenever you want via your browser settings. You can also choose not to allow any cookies at all via your browser settings. ATN’s website may no longer (fully) function if you block and/or remove cookies. For more information about the blocking and removal of cookies, please consult the user guide and settings for your browser.


  How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data is not stored for any longer than is reasonably necessary given the purposes for which the data was collected. We operate a storage period of 7 years. For the storage periods of cookies, see the section on cookies in this privacy statement. In order to provide our services as best as possible, we store the data that you enter. The data is stored for an unlimited period. We decide how long to store the data based on the following criteria:

 - As long as you are receiving services via ATN Engineering BV

You can request ATN Engineering BV to remove or modify your data at any time.

ATN Engineering BV may choose not to (immediately) delete certain personal data if this has to be kept because a statutory storage period applies and the retention of this data does not disproportionately infringe on your privacy.


Which parties have access to which data?

For the performance of its services, it is possible that ATN will share certain personal data with third parties if this is reasonably necessary. These parties are:

  • The website constructor that takes care of hosting and website maintenance.
  • Other third parties for the implementation of the activities of ATN, such as print shops, and email and postal operators. In so far as these third parties process your data in the course of carrying out the relevant services and business activities, they do this in their capacity as processor for ATN and ATN has taken the required technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is only processed for the above purposes.

Categories that relate to this:

  • o Courier companies for despatching packages
  • o Email marketing for sending out newsletters
  • o Accountancy software for accounting
  • o Accountant for processing the accounts
  • o IT companies for maintenance
  • o Pension funds
  • o Insurances


For the (external) parties who have access to personal data, the data will be (in so far as possible) anonymised and separate agreements will be concluded with them to guarantee confidentiality and lawful handling of personal data.

Personal data will never be sold, distributed or leased by us without permission to third parties whose intention is to use the data for direct marketing. ATN will provide personal data to regulatory bodies, fiscal authorities and investigative authorities only if it is legally obliged to do this. In such cases, ATN will take appropriate measures that are reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is protected as far as possible.


How do we protect your data?

ATN takes great care of your personal data. We take suitable technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss, destruction or unlawful use that are commensurate with the costs thereof and the nature of the personal data.


Thus, the data you enter via the website is sent over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection and the data is stored on secured servers belonging to ATN or a third party with whom we collaborate. When we collaborate with third parties, we always have clear agreements with them about ensuring personal data is protected.


Transfer outside the EU

Your personal data could be transferred to third parties who operate in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). If your personal data is transferred outside the European Economic Area, ATN will take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is protected in accordance with the standards that are obligatory in the EEA.


Questions and requests for access, correction and removal

You can request access to your personal data at any time. If your personal data is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant, or in some other way processed in violation of a statutory regulation, you can ask us to correct, supplement or remove it, or block it from use. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. If you gave permission for your personal data to be processed, you also have the right to withdraw this permission. You also have the right to data portability.

You can also change certain data within a created account at any time you wish. If you subscribe to our newsletters, each of these contains instructions about how to unsubscribe.

Should you have complaints about the way in which we handle your data, please let us know so that we deal with the matter. You are also entitled to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Questions, complaints, requests for access, correction and/or removal of personal data can be sent to:


ATN Engineering BV

Touwslager 1

9502KD Stadskanaal

+31 599 - 652524